SecurityCraft reached 1 million downloads on CurseForge!


Well, it’s finally happened.

SecurityCraft has reached a mind-blowing one million downloads on CurseForge! When I first created this mod back in August 2013, I never thought it would get even a thousand downloads, let alone a million. I remember how the mod started off as, it just had a keypad which saved passcodes to a .txt file in your Minecraft world folder, and a laser block with glass-textured “lasers” (if you haven’t seen it before, here’s one of the first spotlights of the mod). And then somehow… it started getting more and more attention. Youtubers started making spotlights of it, people started posting on SecurityCraft’s forum thread, we even made a server for the mod (which is sadly no longer around because our host decided to shutdown without any notice). Around the middle of last year, bl4ckscor3 started helping me out with developing the mod, adding new features and such (you can thank bl4ck for some new features like the Universal Block Reinforcer, the Universal Owner Changer, and the better-looking reinforced block textures). He’s also been a great help with finding and fixing bugs, and suggesting how we should implement things. 🙂

Anyway, this is getting too long. I just wanted to say thanks for all the support for the past nearly-three years of SecurityCraft’s life. Meeting great new people over Twitter has been an awesome experience. Hopefully, we can keep SecurityCraft going for another three years (we’ve got some great stuff planned for it, no spoilers :P)!

Thanks again!


6 thoughts on “SecurityCraft reached 1 million downloads on CurseForge!

    1. Geforce Post author

      Yes! We’re working on the last 1.7.10, 1.8, and 1.8.8 update. Once these are out, we will start working on the 1.9.4, 1.10, and 1.11.2 updates, however, there will be surprise changes in those versions.


  1. luigicraft7777

    It’s maybe the wrong place to write this but I have a big problem, I’m playing in Minecraft 1.12 with this mod, I put seven cameras and when I use the camera monitor, it shows nothing on it, it just a black screen, it said is REC at the up corner but nothing show up. Maybe I miss something. Can you please help me?


    1. Geforce Post author

      Did you place your cameras on the block directly below a ceiling or roof? If you have, your head is probably sticking into the block above, causing you to see the “black” screen.



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